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    Sep 2015
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    Aug 2015
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    Ế, em cần tên nhìu hơn tên các bodybuilder nữa, thân hình chuẩn rồi, ko nói là hơi bị ... Mặt xinh nữa :d

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    Nov 2015
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    Đây là Mr.O 2001, đứng thứ hạng 15

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    Sep 2015
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    mông này nhìn xướng wa nhỉ ...:love:

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    Aug 2015
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    IFBB Bikini Pro & Fitness Model - Cristina Vujnich

    IFBB Bikini Pro & Fitness Model - Cristina Vujnich

    How did you get started with bodybuilding?

    I saw my first bodybuilding show back in 2007 and I was hooked. Before then, I had never even stepped foot inside a gym, but once I started hitting the weights and saw my body begin to change, I had to create a “goal”. That goal would be to compete. My background is broadcast journalism and I worked in the TV industry for a while but once I got sponsored and starting seeing a change in my career, I switched my path.
    Now I am lucky enough to co-host two radio shows on RxMuscle (Access Bodybuilding and Muscle Girls Inc), interview competitors on video and have combined both of my passions into one, which makes “work” a lot of fun.​
    Where does your motivation come from?

    My motivation comes completely from within. I struggled with Panic and Anxiety Disorder for over 10 years and it was the weight room where I could channel my anxiety. The gym turned into a sanctuary in a sense where I could pull my hat down, put my headphones in, crank up the volume and focus on me.
    The gym helped me overcome anxiety and it is a “natural medication” I use every day.​​
    What workout routine has worked best for you?

    Heavy weight training. Women are often under the misconception that training with weights will make them “bulky” or “manly”, but that’s most definitely not the case. I train like a bodybuilder. Being hypoglycemic, I tend to burn through the carbs and calories very quickly without needing to do a ton of cardio but it also makes putting on the muscle a little harder. I train 5 days a week and will try to do cardio once a week in the off season and about 4 days a week during contest prep.
    Full Routine:​Monday: Legs

    • Leg Extensions 4×10
    • Single Leg Curls 3×10
    • Single Leg Press (or Single Vertical Leg Press) 3×10
    • Reverse Hack Squats 3×12
    • Lunges 3×24 steps
    Tuesday: Arms

    • Tricep Extensions 3×15
    • Bicep Curls 3×15
    • Skull Crushers 3×15
    • Hammer Curls 3×15
    Wednesday: Off

    • Mid-week date night
    Thursday: Back

    • Pull-ups 4×10
    • Seated Rows 4×10
    • Lat Pulldowns 4×10
    • Single Arm Rows 3×10
    • T-Bar Rows 3×10
    • Shrugs 3×12
    Friday: Chest/Abs

    • Incline Bench 3×12
    • Close Grip Bench 3×12
    • Single Arm Flys 3×12
    • Weighted Crunches 4×25
    • Hanging Leg Lifts 3×25
    Saturday: Off

    • Rest Day
    Sunday: Shoulders

    • Shoulder Press 4×10
    • Lateral Raises 4×10
    • Rear Delts 4×10
    • Behind-The-Neck Press 3×10
    If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

    • Lateral Raises – For women these help add the shape to their delts
    • Lunges – They kill but make all the difference for the glutes
    • Partial Deadlifts: Just because I like ‘em and they feel good
    Photography by: Isaac Hinds​What is your diet like?

    Like I mentioned before, being hypoglycemic, so I keep carbs and sugar in my diet through both off season and contest prep. I eat a high protein diet and try to get in 5-6 meals a day.​
    When trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or just normal cardio?

    I think HIIT does work for those who need it, but I usually stick to the treadmill or the Stairmaster.​
    What is your supplementation like?

    Optimum Nutrition products – HydroWhey, Amino Energy, 100% Whey. ABB products – Speed Stack Pumped NO and Pure Pro 50.
    Also, I use Hydrolyze Ultra every day…its cellular hydration water that keeps me hydrated throughout the day and helps rid my body of toxins too.​
    Favorite Bodybuilders?

    I’m lucky enough to be dating an IFBB Professional bodybuilder, so if course he’s my favorite…Michael Liberatore. He is also my trainer and coach. But, if we are talking about old school bodybuilders I’d have to say Frank Zane and Bob Paris.
    Honestly, I followed men’s bodybuilding before I started keeping track of the women in the sport. But when it comes to women, Corey Everson has always been my favorite!​
    Photography by: Isaac Hinds​Favorite Quote?

    “Anyone can give up; it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.”​Bodyspace: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/CristinaVujnich/

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    Aug 2015
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    :cry:khủng thật hơn cả hàng bơm( xet về đọ to còn chất lượng khỏi bàn)

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    Aug 2015
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    Thích nụ cười nhất, thứ nhì mơi là body

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    Aug 2015
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    căng đét :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:



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